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Our Mission

DiDi Labs was founded in Mountain View, Calif. in March 2017 to create an open and collaborative cross-border knowledge and research network. As part of Didi Chuxing, we’re working to improve mobility, reduce pollution, and enhance the quality of life in cities and beyond.


About Us

At DiDi Labs, we believe in the power of collaboration.

With offices in Mountain View, Fremont and Los Angeles, we bring together top talent in our U.S. locations to create useful and sustainable solutions for the global transportation industry.

Our U.S.-based teams build advanced technologies that enable a safe, efficient, and sustainable transportation ecosystem for more than 550 million DiDi users across Asia, Australia, Latin America, and Russia.

We apply machine learning and AI to big data to predict and meet riders’ needs, while developing algorithms for our self-driving projects, and building new tools and models that will continue to ensure the highest safety and security standards.

Didi Chuxing DiDi is a ride-sharing platform dedicated to revolutionizing the way people live and move.

550 M users

550+M users

Tens of millions of drivers

Tens of millions of drivers

40 B routing requests daily

40+B routing requests daily

Safe   reliable rides across Asia, Australia and Latin America

Safe + reliable rides across Asia, Australia and Latin America

4,875 TB data processed everyday

4,875+TB data processed everyday

10 B trips a year

10+B trips a year

Research Areas

Advanced Safety and Security Technology

Continuous work on and iteration of driver and passenger physical safety and online security of users’ personal information.


Predictive Algorithms and Ridesharing Optimization

Use AI to research and develop an optimized ride-matching system that dispatches the right number and type of vehicles based on demand prediction.


Self-Driving and V2X Technologies

Develop technologies in areas such as computer vision, perception, HD mapping and test autonomous vehicle fleets in the United States and China.



Our U.S. team includes engineers, scientists and staff with diverse backgrounds and skill sets, ranging from artificial intelligence to cybersecurity, big data to user experience, and vehicle autonomy to natural language processing. Our collaborative approach enables DiDi Labs to create solutions quickly and more effectively, while our diversity drives creativity and innovation.

Mountain View

Los Angeles

Research Outreach

DiDi Labs employees in Mountain View, California

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We’re looking for creative and talented people to tackle challenges, engineer cutting-edge technologies, and build products that are impactful to everyone.

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